Monday, March 30, 2009

wrong or missing querystring parameters when the url of the swf gets redirected (302)

A bug we just found with the IE flash player:
When you load a swf from a URL that does not return the actual swf but responds with a redirect (302) to another URL where the actual swf is, the swf is loaded but paramters from the querystring of the redirected-to URL are not available to the swf.

if you go try to load a swf from ""
when redirects to "¶m2=val2"

The swf will load but will not be able to access "param" or "param2" as you might expect.
instead it will be able to see "swfid".

note: This does not happen with the FF flash plugin.

feel free to vote for fixing this bug and another one which seems related:


Asad Naeem said...

I will just say that IE should be banned in IT world. It sucks the web developers. Every browser is ok with the application but IE has always issues with the application.

Eyal Peleg said...

Well, its been quite a while since i posted this, and I am not even sure if this issue is still relevant, but as far as i remember the issue was not with IE itself but with the flash player version that is designed for IE.

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