Monday, May 02, 2016

HP Officejet PRO 8500A A910 offline - Problem solved.

I am writing this post in hope that it will help some people.

The issue is that an HP Officejet PRO 8500A A910 shows as offline when you open the print queue dialog (in the caption it just says "HP Officejet PRO 8500A A910 - offline"), other then that I had network connectivity, ping, web interface was reachable and so on, It just would not print....

I have seen very long threads where people complain that their HP Officejet PRO 8500A A910 went offline and nothing helped.

They got many types of advice like switching from wireless to USB, changing IP and other network settings, disabling Power save mode , restart the printer or related router, use a different power cable and so on...

For me It turned out that the problem was that the cyan ink cartridge was just too old (two years and two months actually... - looks like I am not printing enough sea images...).

Changing the expired cartridge resolved the issue and the printer just came back online.

So how can you tell if that is the case with you ?

In the printer screen , press the ink icon (the one with the cyan, magenta, yellow & black circles on the top right).

You should see a yellow exclamation sign next to at least one of your ink cartridges.

Press the "More..." button and use the side arrows to brows through the cartridges.

If a cartridge is expired it will say so on the top line of the screen (above the ink level indicator).

Replace the expired cartridge and leave me a comment...


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