Saturday, August 29, 2009

position:fixed in IE7

I didn't know that but if you add

at the top of you page, it will convince IE7 to respect the semantics of position:fixed.

(I wander what does it break in return ...)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

DNS problem with gmail (404) - possible dns poisoning

Yesterday I had the weirdest phenomenon, my gmail stopped working.
It just returned a 404 error (page not found).

Why do I say it was weird ?

  • Because it happened only on one of the computers in my network, while the other machine had no problems getting to gmail.

  • Because it happened on both IE and FF so it did not seem to result from a browser specific issue.

  • Because it only effected gmail but on the same machine I had no problem accessing any other web site including other google services such as calendar.

  • Because pinging to or or all returned addresses that seemed to be valid google IPs.

  • Because when using IE to try and get to I got a windows authentication dialog (and I really don't think gmail is running on windows based machines).

  • Because it turned out that it was actually trying to access the local web server on my machine and when I configured it to return a page when asked for /mail it did return that page.

  • Because at some point a ping to started returning (localhost).

  • Because this happened at the same day to a friend that was running Vista. (we do have both linksys routers and use the same internet provider.)

Eventually this was fixed by calling ipconfig /flushdns - I guess a restart could also do the trick.

Why and how did this happen - I have no idea.

Has anyone else encountered such strange behavior ?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Actionscript 3's ApplicationDomain Oddities 1

I have beeing doing lots of work around ApplicationDomain recently,
And there is so little information about this class (other then the realy good but not sufficiant and somewhat old post by Roger Gonzalez ).

so here goes odditie 1:

trace(ApplicationDomain.currentDomain == ApplicationDomain.currentDomain)
trace(ApplicationDomain.currentDomain === ApplicationDomain.currentDomain)

both trace out false.

Well, I guess the reason is that each time you access ApplicationDomain.currentDomain it create a new object that represents the currentDomain and you can use each of them for getDefinition but WHY ?! is it so.

maybe Rogger or one of his friends would like to comment on this ?

remember :

"The definition of ApplicationDomain.currentDomain is the ApplicationDomain that contains the code that is calling ApplicationDomain.currentDomain."

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