Monday, March 30, 2009

wrong or missing querystring parameters when the url of the swf gets redirected (302)

A bug we just found with the IE flash player:
When you load a swf from a URL that does not return the actual swf but responds with a redirect (302) to another URL where the actual swf is, the swf is loaded but paramters from the querystring of the redirected-to URL are not available to the swf.

if you go try to load a swf from ""
when redirects to "¶m2=val2"

The swf will load but will not be able to access "param" or "param2" as you might expect.
instead it will be able to see "swfid".

note: This does not happen with the FF flash plugin.

feel free to vote for fixing this bug and another one which seems related:

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