Sunday, July 28, 2013

Suggested improvement for nodejs LOAD_AS_DIRECTORY module loading algorithm

In  the process for module loading is described.


1. If X/package.json is a file,
   a. Parse X/package.json, and look for "main" field.
   b. let M = X + (json main field)
2. If X/index.js is a file, load X/index.js as JavaScript text.  STOP
3. If X/index.node is a file, load X/index.node as binary addon.  STOP
It is nice to be able to require a folder name and have it automatically try to load index.js,
however when editing multiple modules having multiple index.js files open might become confusing or at least uncomfortable.

I wanted to suggest to add 

4. If X/LAST_PATH_FRAGMENT(X).js is a file, load X/LAST_PATH_FRAGMENT(X).jsas JavaScript text.  STOP5. If X/LAST_PATH_FRAGMENT(X).node is a file, load X/LAST_PATH_FRAGMENT(X).node as binary addon.  STOP

this way I can name the main js with the same name as the folder and stile just use require('mymodule') and it will load mymodule/mymodule.js.

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