Sunday, February 13, 2011

Steps in installing a smaple Magento

This is a list of steps needed in the process of installing a sample magento site.

I will be assuming that you have WAMP / LAMP already installed.

  1. go to and download magento and the magento smaple data. (versions don't need to match - actually the sample data is from 2008 at the time of writing).
  2. deploy the content of the magento installation to a magentoVirtualRoot directory on you web server
  3. create an empty database (e.g. magento_db)
  4. add the files in the media folder from the sample data to those from the magento installation
  5. make sure you set up and required new hosts / DNS entries if such are needed.
  6. copy the sql text from the sample data into the sql tab of your mysql's phpadmin for the database you created on step 2 and execute it.
  7. ONLY AFTER STEP 5 IS DONE - go to your browser and surf to and complete the installation proccess.
  8. go to or whatever url you assigned for the backend and go to system-index management and reindex all your data.
  9. go to the front end of you new smaple shop at and enjoy.
please not that some steps are not mandatory and some details might have been left out, if you think I left out something really important, feel free to comment.

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