Friday, October 09, 2015

OriginThinSetup.exe won't run (A solution)

So - my girl wanted to buy "The Sims 4" from EA.

so I headed to the EA site and after reading a bit about all the expansions etc purchased the basic game for her.

I was then told that I should go and download "Origin" which will have my game  in the "My Games" tab.

So I went to and downloaded origin - a file named OriginThinSetup.exe was downloaded but just refused to do anything...

Tried to turn off my firewall & Anti Virus & Searching the net - nothing...

I was already on a phone call to EA Support waiting for someone to answer, when I decided to do a right-click, Properies on said file - My original intention was to see what was its exact size in case I will be asked, but then I saw at the bottom:

I pressed the "Unblock" button and then executed the file successfully.

P.S. - You might also need to properly setup your firewall / AntiVirus & make sure you "Run As Administrator" but I am guesssing you already know about that...

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