Sunday, November 25, 2007

Will (or did) Live Documents copy Microsoft's UI ?

Live Documents , the new office suite rival say in the usability section:

"Live Documents gives you a familiar user interface - that of Microsoft Office - so that there is nothing new to learn. "

Can they realy do that ??

I am no xpert on any copyright laws and I am all for having the copy and paste buttons look the same on all apps.
but can you realy go and say "I have an office suite that is exactly like that of microsoft" and still walk free ??

What do You think ??

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wildfire testimonial

On Gigya where I work as a System Architect with my hands deep into our Wildfire product we are running a forum for technical Q's.
One of the forum members (Joel Mirkin) just posted a Q and his oppinion on Wildfire along with it:
Also just to put my 2 cents in... I totally agree with what reverbnation said. I've looked at other similar services and none of them come even close to how easy it is to integrate and customize Wildfire (not to mention supporting AS3).

Just made me a few centimeters higher :)

Thank Joel.

Even when you know you have an excelent product its always nice to hear it again from someone objective.

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