Sunday, December 06, 2009

single and double quotes in PowerShell (PoSh)

I was dealing with converting a batch to PoSh and had to create some wired mixture of double and single quotes. I was searching the net and got to this page where he used the following notation:

# $XY$X

so it hit me:
instead of odd things like
write-host '$X'"Y"'$X'

I can do:

$DQ = '"'
$SQ = "'"

and then
write-host '$X$SQ$DQY$DQ$SQ$X'

I guess there might clearer strings to read but at least it works.

$_DQ_ = '"'
$_SQ_ = "'"

write-host '$X$_SQ_$_DQ_Y$_DQ_$_SQ_$X'

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