Tuesday, June 19, 2007

flash cs3 - I can cut and copy but I cant paste

For about a month or so I am studying how to use flash,
Its nice to learn something new...

We bought the new adobe flash CS3 and this is the enironment I am using.

There are many complaints I can make about this environment,
following the issue of haveing no runtime errors and poor debugging environment
the biggest productivity killer for me was the fact that it is set to use ctrl-X,ctrl-C and ctrl-V for Cut, Copy and Paste respectively while my fingers are trained to use ctrl-Del,ctrl-Insert and shift-Insert for those actions.

Every copy and paste action that I do, I do twice ....

After asking about this in experts-exchange.com where I am active under the alias SnowFlake I was pointed to the "Edit, Keyboard Shortcuts..." menu.

For a few seconds I was very happy...
I went along and set up my favorites and not I can cut and copy using my favorite keys, paste (Shift-Insert) however, still refuses to work...

Anyone else has this problem ? Anyone else solved it somehow ??


andrew said...

Yes, exactly as you described. Very annoying, and slows me down. I used to have some wicked-fast one-handed text navigation and editing skills, and now that power is gone in Flash, which gets me pretty cranky. Did you ever come up with a solution?

Eyal Peleg said...

nope, but i did learn to use CTRL+C & CTRL+V.
It's not what I wanted slowly I am getting my speed back

andrew said...

That sucks. This is clearly a bug in their keyboard shortcuts, which is really sad considering how much detail they put into that feature. Well, I just found a workaround:

- Download AutoHotKey (autohotkey.com)

- Install & run it, which will automatically create and open a default script in a text editor

- Replace the entire contents of the default script with this:

^Del::Send ^x
^Ins::Send ^c
+Ins::Send ^v

- Save & close the default script

- Run AutoHotKey again, which will automatically load the default script.

Sweeeet..... Got my power back.

I just now set this up, so haven't determined if there might be problems with this. It's a system-level detect-and-substitute, which means it will affect ALL applications. Since every app I can think of supports ^x/^c/^v, it shouldn't be a problem. But if you do run into problems with some other app, you could modify the script to detect what app is currently active, and only substitute when it's Flash. AHK is pretty powerful - check out its docs...

Also, I don't know if AHK runs on startup... If not, just drop a shortcut to it in:
Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Hope that helps!!

fitz said...

thanks for the info, a great help. Those missing cut/paste keys have been driving me nuts.

One thing though, I'm used to Shift-Del, cut and Shift-Insert, paste. The script doesn't quite cover it.

+Del::Send ^x
^Ins::Send ^c
+Ins::Send ^v

I use that. Works well.

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