Sunday, October 22, 2006

argghhh, I asked you to Save, Not publish

I realy don't have much time on my hands,
but stuff that I feel I should blog about come to my mind quite often.

so I decided that whenever I get such an idea I will just create a new blog entry,
with the main point of the issue at hand but keep it as a draft until I find some time to make it publish-worthy.

While doing so I discovered that when I edit the new blog entry and press ctrl+S
It just goes on and publishes the entry.

I consider this to be a bad choise of keys, ctrl+S is Save!
When working on a draft and pressing ctrl+S it should SAVE the draft and not publish it.

and yet, I know it says below the editor that ctrl+S is publish and ctrl+D is draft
but hey - the second my mind thinks "Save" my fingers press ctrl+S.

And one last note in case someone wants to do something about this,
remember - ctrl-P is Print... Not Publish.

Anyway, who knows maybe in a few years everyne will know that ctrl+S is publiSh and ctrl+D is Draft.

1 comment:

Eyal said...

CTRL+P ...Taken
CTRL+U ...Taken
CTRL+B ...Taken
CTRL+L Bingo!
CTRL+I ...Taken
CTRL+S ...Taken
CTRL+H or this?


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