Monday, September 18, 2006

Ajax.Net Pro: System.NotSupportedException exception - TAKE 2

Just after posting my previous entry about this issue,
I got a response from michael Schwarz.

It turns out that if you do not wish to convert to a web application project you can resolved the issue I described via using appripriate configuration changes in web.config.

In your web.config add a urlNamespaceMapping:

  <urlNamespaceMappings useAssemblyQualifiedName="false">
   <add type="Namespace.Class,AssemblyName" path="mypath"/>

If you are using the App_Code folder for your class you can use the
AssemblyName "App_Code" for this.

Thank you Michael.

Note: Even though this is a much less painful solution,
I am not sorry we migrated to a web application,
it has other benefits that make the effort worth while.

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